ENVGreen Distance Learning Solutions

ENVGreen’s distance learning initiatives are at the core of our corporate values. To help people, you must be able to educate them, as well as provide the technologies that they need to improve their lives. Central to being able to design a solution for a client’s needs, we must first understand their environment, their goals, the desired curriculums and budget. With any engagement, our client must be fully engaged because this is their solution, not ours. We need to identify what restrictions might be in place that would prevent specific solutions from being successful, such as access to computers, the Internet, etc. We must also understand our clients’ definitions of success. With this level of understanding, we can create solutions that will provide the level of education they are looking for.

Oftentimes what we end up developing with our clients is a detailed long term plan that is rolled out in phases. In environments where education is not readily available, it can prove more beneficial to walk before we run in order to make sure the return on the investment being made is positive. We also need to look at participation rates of the targeted audience to make sure that any program is being utilized to the level desired, or if we need to make any adjustments.

"If you would like additional information, or to speak with us directly, please contact us at info@envgreentechnologies.com, and we will respond as soon as possible."

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