ENVGreen HIV Testing

According to the World Health Organization, in 2007, 33.2 million people were estimated to be living with HIV, 2.5 million were newly infected and 2.1 million died of AIDS. Prevention and control initiatives are a major component to stem the spread of these horrible diseases.

Testing is critical to making people aware of the problem so they can take the necessary precautions to prevent the further spread of these diseases.

Our solutions are accurate, easy to use and produce immediate results. They have received regulatory approvals in the US, Canada, the European Union and China, as well as received ISO g001:2000 and ISO 13485:2003 certifications. The HIV test is patented and is the only test to be approved by all of these major regions in the world today.

The tests have been used in a variety of settings ranging from large urban-based hospitals to mobile testing clinics in the Gambia. In the latter case, a group of trainers were educated about the product and then sent to Gambia to train the staff of the mobile clinics who were then able to implement testing using nothing but the materials supplied with the product. Testing brings value to a broad range of situations where leading edge diagnostics can make a difference in human life, including: occupational exposures, labor & delivery, emergency departments,

first responders, government & public health programs, and mobile health clinics. These tests are simple to administer, and the results are known immediately. There is no waiting.

New products will be coming out of testing soon that will enable testing of multiple diseases, including hepatitis, malaria and breast cancer.

"If you would like additional information, or to speak with us directly, please contact us at info@envgreentechnologies.com, and we will respond as soon as possible."

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