ENVGreen’s Clean Water Project breaks ground in Myende Landing on Koome Island, Uganda.

ENVGreen is proud to announce that the Koome Island clean water project has begun on Myende Landing. The project team is on the ground and has begun work with the training of the local people, and the construction of the water facility. Here are some interviews with a few villagers, and pictures from the island. More updates to come.

Interviews for Myende Landing – Safe Water Project

July 2012 Kizito James says: “I’ve lived in Myende for more than 10 years. The water situation is going very well because we have discovered where to build the tanks and the landlord has given the land. I’ve been attending the community meetings 3 times. Over 100 people attend. We share the news of the project with our neighbours at Kisigala and Ssasa. We want safe water because we’ve been getting a lot of diseases from lake water. Diseases such as bilharzias, typhoid and others which I don’t know.

Interview Myende Landing

Kizito James and boy Beach Management Unit (BMU) Chairman Igisa Jones: “I’m already trained in WASH sensitization. I like that we are going to receive a safe water project, it is going to help us a lot. We’ve been using water from the lake, which has been misused and thus contaminated. Now we will have good water that will maintain our life. I know the project will lead to us having other things, like latrines, to improve on our health and hygiene. The BMU’s role in the project is to see how safe the community is; how good the environment can be. If they’re not in good health they can’t go fishing. Health is going to be okay after the water project starts, I believe hygienically we will be better and we will not be bothering trying to boil water. We will use water directly from the tap to bathe and even drink. I believe our health’s going to improve a lot. With this project I believe the community and This Water Project are going to add more improvements in our health. I praise the donor and thank them for what they have done for us. They have given us a light and put us on the map. May they be encouraged to keep on helping us.” BMU Chairman Igisa Jones at his workshop

Koome Island / Myende Landing Health and Hygiene Program

Petra Safe Water Treasurer

Water Training Meeting

Community Leader Meeting

Local School on Myende Landing

Maama Asia and Children

Koome Island/ Myende Landing Arrival Site

Delivering Supplies To Start The Project!

Community helps unload supplies

Unloading supplies

Unloading Finalized

The Work Begins!

Rolling out the Piping

Trenching from the Water Source

Trenching from the landing to the Village

Trenching through the Village

All Help Dig

Digging trench to tank site

A Long Trench

Long Day Laying Pipe

Location for tank base

Beginning to dig tank base construction

Discussing tank base construction

Working tank base construction

Community sweat equity for tank base construction

Community brings supplies to tank base location

Happy to help!

Tank base construction

HURRY!! - We are tired of hauling dirty water!

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