ENVGreen Latrine Solutions

More than 40% of the world’s population does not have access to a toilet. Most of these people live in poor, undeveloped countries. In these same countries, even the people who have access to facilities may not use them because they are typically poorly maintained, and as a result, are dirty and smell horrible. As a result, so much human waste is being released into the environment on a daily basis that it is creating an environmental health hazard.  Poor sanitation results in the deaths of thousands of children everyday.

With latrines, maintaining them can be costly, not to mention unpleasant. Typically, in lower income areas, latrines are simply pits, with no way to flush the contents. As a result, the human waste sits there until the pit is full or until they decide to move it to another location. School children routinely avoid using these facilities because of the smell, and either find a place to go to the bathroom in the woods, or wait until they get home. Many children leave school to go home to use the bathroom and then don’t return to class.

At ENVGreen Technologies, we offer a 100% organic solution to the problem of dirty, smelly, unhealthy latrines.  Within 48 hours, the foul odor associated with dirty latrines will be significantly reduced, and should be completely eliminated within the first week of using the solution. The product is a highly concentrated enzymatic system formulated to promote the remediation of odors and the organic waste from which they originate.  It accelerates the decomposition and deodorizing of all organically based residues by dispensing oxygen, and deriving energy from the oxidation of simple mineral compounds and organic gases such as ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, carbon monoxide, sulfer dioxide, etc. 

While each situation is unique, we have developed standard application protocols to use to effectively eliminate the problem and improve the health risks associated with latrines quickly and efficiently. The method to apply the product is simple and straight forward and can easily be done in a few minutes every day.

"If you would like additional information, or to speak with us directly, please contact us at info@envgreentechnologies.com, and we will respond as soon as possible."

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