ENVGreen Prefabricated SIP Structures

Housing is an important issue and challenge that is faced by millions of people globally. Construction of new homes is costly and can take a long time. In order to address this crisis, ENVGreen has partnered with the leading suppliers of prefabricated panel systems in order to deliver a cost effective, energy efficient product that can be delivered and installed in just a few short weeks.

The product is extremely versatile and can be applied to a wide variety of designs, including homes, medical facilities, schools, dormitories and apartments, to name just a few. Whatever your need, we can design a solution for you.

The structurally insulated wall panels are made with a polystyrene core and a cement board exterior. The roof panels have a galvanized steel exterior and polystyrene foam core as well. The product uses energy efficient green technology that is non-toxic, is resistant to mold and mildew and withstands the elements.

Products are shipped in containers already cut to size. Typically, a 4 man crew can assemble an entire structure in less than a week, once they have been fully trained by our team.  

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