ENVGreen Soil remediation

In an ever increasing number of situations, the soil that is relied upon is becoming less productive due to its deterioration from over fertilization, drought, floods or other extreme conditions, while the demand for more produce continues to grow. Introducing remedial solutions can return the soil back to its natural state, increase microbial activity, release more stored nutrients and improve the retention of water.

As an example we have a series of products that are a high energy, all organic nutrient source that furnishes immediate energy to microbial life so they can go about their jobs of cleaning up waste, creating compost and producing top soil — Nature's perfectly balanced plant food. The product is a proprietary blend of 14 different carbon sources with 1.25 million gram calories/pound of energy. As a result, it provides a quick and sustainable energy source for soil and microbial life. When used in conjunction with other complimentary products, the formulation helps soil particles to push away from each other, instead of pulling together like clay. It also has an effect on water molecules, changing the shape somewhat and allowing the water to penetrate the soil more effectively. It basically “unbinds” the soil particles, providing exceptional water penetration. Where water used to stand or run off, it can now soak in more readily. Additionally, the increased growth of microbe communities in the soil will help retain the moisture for plant use.

So that we are not single threaded, we have engaged a number of companies that offer similar types of products. This will enable us to utilize the best solution for each situation, based on need and circumstance.

"If you would like additional information, or to speak with us directly, please contact us at info@envgreentechnologies.com, and we will respond as soon as possible."

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