ENVGreen Solar Energy

ENVGreen Solar Lighting Solution

Specially designed for residential areas where there is no electricity or a weak power supply. It is a simple, reliable low cost solar lighting system that combines a high efficiency solar panel, intelligent charging controller, high capacity lithium-ion batteries and LED lights. The design integrates the controller with the lithium-on battery to control the charging and discharging function of the batteries. The system is simple, easy to install and has a long lifespan.

Features and Benefits:
- Easily portable and simple to install
- Lithium battery prolongs the product life and is environmentally friendly
- All parts used are recyclable and compliant with Rohs.
- Built-in controller prevents the battery from overcharging, or over-discharging.




ENVGreen Solar Photovoltaic Technology

Solar Photovoltaic Technology is a new alternative in the energy field. We have a proprietary technology that is a leader in this field and provides clean energy for the environment while significantly lowering the amount of energy consumed.

ENVGreen Fire and Ice

Fire and Ice Technology uses solar energy to generate the power necessary to run air conditioning systems and water heaters. This proprietary technology adds another solution to our diverse product set. This product will be able to be used in a variety of environments and adds a valuable offering for hospitals, schools, assisted living facilities, etc.



ENVGreen Solar Energy Generation

ENVGreen includes in its product offering solar solutions that can provide electricity for the hospitals, schools and communities we serving and utilize. In order to determine our clients’ specific needs, we must first sit down and discuss your requirements. At that point, we can create a solution for you that be the most efficient and cost effective.

Typically for our larger engagements, units are delivered in 40 foot containers. Are self sustaining with batteries and solar panels, and will solve any energy related issues that may exist.

Additionally, through our partnerships, we now offer modular pre fabricated units with solar capabilities built in.

ENVGreen is please to be able to offer an intelligent outdoor lighting system that was recently released. It combines a high efficiency solar panel, controller, human infrared sensor module, high capacity lithium battery and LED lighting into a compact housing unit. It captures the maximum source energy from the sun during daytime, and utilizes this energy at night for illumination.
Features and Benefits:
- Patent pending integrated design.
- Solar Powered outdoor lighting.
- Easy installation, assembly and maintenance.
- No cables are necessary.
- Utilizes a lithium battery to prolong the product’s life and protect the environment.
- Light output can be adjusted automatically by a built-in infrared sensor.
- Compact size and light weight design reduces shipping and installation costs.
- Rust-proof, dustproof and waterproof


"If you would like additional information, or to speak with us directly, please contact us at info@envgreentechnologies.com, and we will respond as soon as possible."

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